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Residential Renovation at a Reasonable Cost

Every home needs care and maintenance. If your residence has seen better days, and you see materials and fixtures that should be replaced, you will need to talk to a renovation contractor. Selecting Tomas Handyman LLC means you gain not just a professional advisor but also a partner to work beside you. Even if you are on a tight budget, we can speak about your needs and make cost-effective suggestions to renovate your kitchen, bathroom, or install new flooring. We serve the residential property owners in Fairfax, VA, and here, you will see more facts about our work.

Renovation Contractor

The Services We Provide

Large or small, your residential renovation project is important for you and us. We understand the difficulties many families go through. We are ready to offer you our affordable renovation, handyman, and siding services. We install new flooring, tiling, and complete exterior painting. You can contact our team for any small improvements, basic electrical work, remodeling your deck, or installing a new driveway. Our Services page contains additional information!

Superior Small kitchen makeovers services in Fairfax, VA by Tomas Handyman LLC

How We Work

Many people don’t understand the difference between remodeling and renovation. The similarities are more than the differences, and our home handyman services can take care of everything flawlessly. If you have experienced a flood, for example, you may need our affordable renovation services. We have the dexterity and proficiency to work on damaged floors, walls, and fix minor electrical problems. We are committed to the needs and safety of our customers. 

Get Old bathroom renovation services in Fairfax, VA by Tomas Handyman LLC

The Things You Gain

Our team performs small kitchen makeovers that restore the beauty of your home. If you only need a few touch-ups here and there, call our experts to plan your next small renovation. This is how you will keep your abode in tip-top condition at a very reasonable cost without compromising on quality. If you need a skilled remodeler to give you trendy ideas for an upcoming project, we are the technicians you need.

Expert home renovation contractor by Tomas Handyman LLC in Fairfax, VA

Dare to plan your old bathroom renovation with our help. If you are in Fairfax, VA and wish to talk to a home remodeler, get in touch with Tomas Handyman LLC.

Client’s Testimonial

Nov 16, 2022
Fantastic experience!

Tomas and his team were amazing. Very responsive and efficient, quality work -- I'm so happy with the results. They installed new flooring, painted my whole condo, and did electrical work (recessed lighting and new light fixtures). I've already recommended him to several neighbors and friends. I'm so glad I found Tomas!

David Cornett
David Cornett
Tomas and his team did great work to remodel our shower. He also communicates well throughout the process and provides good service (e.g. picking up tiles, shower door, and other materials from the store) I would hire again.
Lorna Fitzgerald
Lorna Fitzgerald
Tomas and his crew renovated 2 bathrooms for us. Tomas is very professional, neat, on time - basically everything that are important to me. They did a fabulous job for a reasonable price and I would highly recommend them and will likely use them again soon.
Robert Babecki
Robert Babecki
I'm a retired engineer so I have the time and the skills to do most of the work around our home - most, but not all. There are some things that I simply can't do well enough, but being a hands-on kind of guy, I can judge and appreciate the work of others. Intricate tile work is one of those things. Tomas labels himself a "handyman" but if you hire him to do your tile work, you're getting much MUCH more than a handyman. You're getting an artisan. Yes, he's that good. Patient, painstaking, doing what it takes to get it right. Nobody cares about your place as much as you do, but I must say that Tomas does tile the way I would do it if I had the skillset. Highest recommendation.
Lorraine Vinci
Lorraine Vinci
Tomas has done a magnificent job in my home. He is extremely professional, attentive, responsive, punctual and a true pleasure to work with. He is highly capable and honest, his craftsmanship is superb as well as his attention to detail. Tomas is one I have entrusted with work that required attention to detail, intricate work.
Tomas Velasco
Tomas Velasco
lisa branham
lisa branham
Tomas was a wonderful and hardworking contractor. He turned our outdated bathroom into one that looks and feels like a spa. He completely transformed it. His tile work is beautiful and all of his recommendations were perfect. We will definitely be using him again.

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